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I can’t believe that it was this time 2 years ago I started planning a Euro Trip! It was an incredible adventure and I’ve definitely got the travel bug now! Its prime time for planning holidays, so here is one country not to miss off your list!

Switzerland is a little gem in the heart of Western Europe and it is definitely a country not be missed! My time in the small village of Lauterbrunnen was one of my favourite destinations on my trip – nothing quite beats waking up in the mountains surrounded by crystal clear waterfalls! The scenery was truly breath-taking and exploring the traditional village and the surrounding areas was a highlight of my European adventure.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Switzerland:

1.Natural beauty

Switzerland has a stunning natural landscape from its green countryside to crystal clear lakes and of course the mountains. Travelling through the country is painless as you are always surrounded by an amazing view! A walk through the countryside is a perfect way to spend a few hours and to soak up the scenic views!

2. Picturesque villages

Staying and wondering around traditional Swiss villages is like stepping into a fairytale. The charming wooden houses, colourful gardens, clear blue streams and friendly local shops will leave a lasting impression long after you’ve left!

3. The Mountains

The mountains are an iconic symbol of Switzerland and you can’t miss them! If you can take a gondola ride up – do it! It will give you a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding area, one you are not likely to forget! If time permits, a visit to Trümmelbach Falls is not to miss (it’s not every day you get to walk inside a mountain with a waterfall) or a visit to Jungfrau the highest railway station in Europe. (3,454 meters above sea level)

4. The Food

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the best things about visiting a different country and there is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture!   Cheese Fondue, Chocolate and Rostis (a grated potato dish) are all traditional food not to be missed!

5. Outdoor Sports

If you are an adrenaline junkie you can definitely get you fix of adventure with: skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering, canyoning, skiing, snowboarding and much more! Completing the Allmenalp via Ferrata (Google it) would undoubtedly be a great accomplishment! (Maybe another time!)

That’s why you should visit Switzerland!

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Until Next Time – Inspires Adventure! 

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