9 Tips for Walking a Half Marathon – Inspire Adventures

There is no greater feeling in life then achieving your goal (whatever that may be) and the sense of pride and accomplishment it brings! Crossing the finish line was a fantastic personal achievement and I was over the moon to place 11th in the female under 35s category! So here are my 9 tips for completing a Walking Half Marathon!

Train – Although walking is something you probably do everyday distance walking takes endurance and stamina. Doing a few practice walks (10/15K) will definitely help get you ready for race day! Don’t underestimate the distance as walking constantly for 3-5 hours is tougher then it looks!

Accessible to all – With a bit of training this is a challenge that everyone can take part in with a. It of training!

Wear good footwear – Good shoes are really important to support your feet and avoid blisters!

Find a pacer – Find a group of people to keep up with and try to match their pace. This is great motivation!

Keep Going – Try to walk the route without stopping and taking any breaks. This will ensure you keep your momentum!

Take a sugar boost – Take some sweets/chocolate to boost your energy levels! It helps especially with the final few miles!

Do it for charity – It’s a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause and it’ll motivate you to complete the challenge!

Persevere – Walking 13.1 miles is a tough challenge and the last few miles can be a bit of a struggle. Your legs will be hurting and it’ll feel like it’s taking longer then the first few! Don’t give up, finishing is a great feeling of achievement!

Id like to say a huge Thank You to: the St Albans Half Marathon team who organised a fantastic event; all the marshals and supporters for their encouragement and Make A Wish for all their support!

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Until Next Time – Inspires Adventure! 

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