The Sami Joik – Inspires Adventure

Tuesday 6th February marks Sami National Day and it is a perfect time to learn about the Sami Joik!

Who Are The Sami?

Now you may have never heard of the Sami people as they live in Arctic Europe and are the native people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia! They are traditionally known for reindeer herding and it’s fascinating listening to their stories and learning about their way of life!

What Is A Sami Joik?

The Joik is a traditional Sami folk song and its absolutely beautiful! It’s an emotional and moving piece of music which is made from sounds rather then words. It tells a story about a person, landscape or animal and is very personal and full of emotion. The tempo, key and pitch reflects the person/animal/landscape the Joik is written about. They are often passed on from generation to generation and are all unique! It is quite hard to describe without hearing one!

A Famous Joik

Here is one of the most well know Joik’s from Sweden’s Got Talent – give it a listen!

Despite there being no lyrics, it’s an incredibly moving piece!

If you ever get the chance, you’ll be in for a treat if you get to experience a live performance of a Joik!

Read about my adventures to Northern Norway here!

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Until Next Time – Inspires Adventure! 


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