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Whistler is truly magical! Located 1 1/2 hours from Vancouver it’s definitely worth a visit! Without a doubt, it’s one of my favourite towns in the world and a highlight of my Canadian adventure!

Leaving Vancouver behind and driving the sea to sky highway you’ll start to see the scenery begin to change! Cue crystal blue lakes; alpine forests and soaring mountain peaks! When you reach a charming mountain town with colourful chalet style buildings: you have arrived in Whistler! Here are 9 reasons you’ll love Whistler!

9 Reasons To Love Whistler

Beautiful Nature

Canada is well know for its remarkable natural beauty and British Columbia is no exception!when visiting Whistler you won’t be disappointed! The Coastal Mountains are so beautiful and are snow capped all year round! The green alpine forests and lakes such as Rainbow Lake and close by Joffre Lakes are a spectacular blue colour! At Lost Lake there is even a beach! It’s an amazing place for both those who love nature and want to get away from the city alike!

You Can Visit All Year Round

There is always something to do in Whistler no matter what the season! From sports to nightlife and everything in between! The resort is open all year and riding from peak 2 peak is a must! (Incredible views and hikes from both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains!) In the winter snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding are popular! Where as in the summer it’s more about biking, hiking and water sports! There is a great social scene all year round and there is always an adventurous activity to try!

Adventurous Activities Galore

Being home to 2010 Winter Olympics you can give bobsleigh and skeleton a go on the Olympic track! You can also: zip line through the forests; go for a husky ride; bungee jump off a bridge; go on a glacier hike; try white water rafting and go mountain biking! In summary, pretty much any adrenaline, heart racing activity out there!

Diverse Events

Whistler has a jam packed events schedule and hosts everything from: sports, food ,biking and yoga! There are plenty of festivals, concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year as well! Often in the evening there is entertainment in the Olympic Plaza from films to fire dancers!

The Village Stroll

Whistler is designed as a pedestrian village and all the paths are curved so you can see the mountains wherever you are: clever, right?! There are many shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy providing great aprés options! Whistler is actually well known for its fine dinning and exciting night life! There is no need for a car as public transit is regular and the villages are connected by the 40km Valley Trail!

Great Atmosphere

The town has a great vibe, everyone’s happy and super social! Maybe it’s all that fresh mountain air and glacial drinking water?! Whatever it is, the relaxed laid back atmosphere will rub off on you! It’s a great place to relax!

Small Town Feel

Whistler has so many activities, events and adventures to offer but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It gets quite busy during peak times but is has a small town vibe going on! Approximately 10,000 people are lucky to call Whistler their home! So it’s not surprising that it has a friendly, community feel. In fact not only do Canadians relocate here but outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world!

It’s Very Multicultural

People from all over the world not only visit Whistler year round but also come to work a season(s) in the town! It makes it truly diverse place and you have the potential to make friends from all around the globe! If you are from Australia or New Zealand you may feel at home as it’s a popular destination for those doing a gap year/ an overseas experience!

It’s A Thriving Town

For all the reasons above, it is no surprise that Whistler is an incredibly successful resort town with high revenues from tourism. There is always something going on and the council work hard to provide diverse events so you’ll never be bored! However the flip side is that it’s an expensive place to visit!

These are the 9 reasons I think you’ll love Whistler! It definitely offers something for everyone, no matter what the season and has a fun, friendly atmosphere! What’s not to love?! You’re unlikely to be bored that’s for sure! It certainly made a lasting impression on me and I’m looking forward to going back in the future! If you need any more convincing check out these photos!

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  1. Whistler is one of my favorite places! Truly magical!

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