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The Tube is part of the London experience and can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with how it works! The London Underground is one of the oldest and most extensive tube networks and is a great way to get easily around the city! Here are 10 top tips to ride the tube like a pro and blend in like a local!

10 Top Tips To Use The Tube Like A Pro

Know Where You Are Going
Know the name of the station you need to reach as this will determine the line you take and the direction you are going in! It’s also handy to know the station before and after your destination!

Use An App To Plan Your Route
Apps are great for planning your journey! I personally use Tube Map and it’s as simple as putting in the names of the 2 stations you are travelling between and it’ll show you the quickest route with any changes. Maps are also available for free if you prefer!

Buy An Oyster Card
This is a prepaid travel card which will save you money when using the tube! You can buy: online; at underground stations or at corner shops with the Oyster logo.

Look Out For Signs
The tube network is actually very easy to navigate as it has lots of signs! Each station is clearly marked and there are route maps and sign for the line/direction.

Stand Behind The Yellow Line
This one is for your own safely really as the tracks are electrified and the tube is going 30-40 mph. Guards will constantly repeat this message so you won’t forget!

Mind The Gap
And of course remember to mind the gap…! Joking aside, there can be quite a gap between the train and platform so take care when getting on and off the tube! It’s a long way down!

Let People Off first
Let people off the tube before you board. There is also normally a queue on each side of the doors to board the train!

Stops Are Called Out
You’ll always know where you are as each station is called out at least twice, once when approaching and again when you have just arrived. (This is something I take for granted and miss when travelling!) The next station is also displayed on the led screen.

Stand To Right On Escalators
It’s conventional for those standing still to keep to the right and those walking up the escalator to do so on the left. Whatever you do don’t stand in the middle!

Have Tickets/Cards Ready
There are barriers at all stations and you’ll need to swipe a ticket or card to go in and out. Make sure you have these ready when entering and exiting the station!

Ask for help
If you are lost or want to double check your route, ask for help! Despite popular belief, Londoners are friendly and will help you if you ask! The majority of tube stations are staffed so someone at the ticket desk, barrier or platform will be able to help you!

I hope these top 10 tips will give you confidence to ride the tube like a pro! If you do get a bit lost and miss your stop or go in the wrong direction, simply get off and switch platforms. It’s no big deal and nothing to be scared of! If you have a question, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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  1. Sound advice.
    Of course you can always play “London Monopoly” and use the tube to visit the places on the board game!


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