The Happiest Countries In The World In 2018 – Inspires Adventure

Which is the happiest country in the world? The UN World Happiness Report for 2018 was released this week and unsurprisingly the top 10 happy countries remain the same; only a few have switched around. So what do the top 10 countries all have in common? Is it beautiful landscapes, high quality of life or progressive societies? In fact, the global survey on happiness, indexes 155 countries based on various metrics such as: income, healthy lifestyle and freedom.

The happiest countries is the world are:

10 Australia

9 Sweden

8 New Zealand

7 Canada

Check out my favourite shots of Canada here!

6 Netherlands


5 Switzerland


Check out why I loved Switzerland here!

4 Iceland


Check out why Iceland is one of my favourite places I’ve traveled to so far here!

3 Denmark

2 Norway


Check out the lessons we can all learn from Norway here!

1 Finland

And there we have it! That’s the UN’s top 10 happiest countries for 2018! Do you agree? (The UK was 19 and USA 18 in case you were wondering!) I’ve traveled to 5 so far and have truly enjoyed my adventures whilst visiting them! Here is to the remaining 5!

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