Dear Adventure…

To my greatest love, Adventure!

Thank You for all the amazing memories and new experiences you have shown me. Without you, my life would be dull, lack countless stories and friendships. What have you taught me, no textbook could teach me and can only be experienced by going on adventures at home or around the world. Today I’m going to share with you, 10 things that Adventure has taught me.

Try New Things And Experiences
Having the willingness and courage to try new things and experiences whether that be activities or food and everything else in between. There are so many adventures to try and you’ll always look back on them. In fact, I try to incorporate a new experience in each country I visit (Iceland: Northern Lights, Austria: SkiJump and Canada: Bears to name a few!) and regularly add items to my bucket list from all aspects of life.

Push Yourself And Achieve The Unimaginable
Adventure forces you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself. Trying something new for the first time is both exciting and scary and you are more then likely to remember the experience. This could be anything from sports to reindeer sledding to glacier hiking. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve and you never know you may find a new favourite hobby!

International Friendships
Travelling and volunteer travel inevitability means meeting people from around the world. You can learn a lot from other people as their perspective on life and experiences are different to your own. I love hearing from my friends around the world and it’s an incredible feeling when you meet likeminded people on the road!

Kindness Of Strangers
Small acts of kindness go along way. To those people who said good morning as I walked through Stanley Park; to all those people that have taken my photo over the years; to the Norwegian woman who helped me decorate my waffles the Norwegian way; to the Italian women who adopted me whilst hiking a mountain and to the US couple who invited me to have dinner with them whilst in Canada. Thank You! It’s these small and simple gestures that I’ll always remember and be thankful for. You never know, a simple hello, a thoughtful gesture or a smile could go a long way. Remember the majority of people will go out of their way to help you and people are far more friendly then we may think.

Live In The Moment
The best thing about adventures are you can do exactly what you want to do! You properly have a long list of things you’ve always wanted to do, there is no time like the present to start ticking them off! Some of the best adventures are spontaneous and remember it is your day, your way.

Countless Memories
I constantly look back on my adventures and they always bring a smile to my face! My room is filled with photos from my adventures and so is my Instagram account. Experiences give you far more happiness then material possessions in my opinion as they stick with you forever. Not to mention, adventures make you a storyteller and you’ll find yourself looking back on experiences and telling the tale.

Learn Life Lessons
Travelling no doubt teaches you about life and yourself. You learn all sorts of things from: getting lost isn’t a big deal; stories from people from all walks of life and how to react when plans go wrong.

Experience New Cultures
In the multinational and diverse society we live in, it’s important to understand and appreciate different cultures from around the world! Its fascinating learning how other people live, from the Sami people of Arctic Europe to Australians and every other culture in between. Get involved in the traditions, try the language, eat local food, hear stories, ask questions and read up about the cultural differences. There is always something you can learn and you never know what you may incorporate into your own life!

Self Belief
You can do anything if you put your mind to it with good preparation and planning. Whether that be: a tough hike; navigating a new city; solo travelling; a personal goal or facing a fear. This is a truly powerful thing!

Be An Adventure Seeker
I’ve turned into an adventure seeker, always planning my next trip, activity or experience. It’s changed my perspective on life and my definition of success. Of course, I want a successful career, house, family etc but I also want to look back on all the amazing things I’ve done for myself and know I’ve experienced life to the fullest. Work to live not live to work, a saying never more relevant to society today. Make time for adventure, travelling and volunteering – they enrich your life and create memories that last forever. Your time is limited so make the most of every opportunity you want to pursue and don’t make being “too busy” or “not enough money” excuses. There is always a way if you truly want to do something.

I hope these reasons make you think about your own life and you start pursuing your own adventures; no matter what they may be! I’m forever grateful for every experience and opportunity I get to travel and see the world. Here is to many more adventures and life experiences! Follow my journey here!

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Until Next Time – Inspires Adventure! 


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